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Frequently asked questions about the Foaming Test

Frequently Asked Questions about Foaming Test

We answer frequently asked questions about the Foaming Test. What is the Foaming Test? How to use it? Where is it used? What are the advantages? – We answer frequently asked questions that leave a question mark about the Covid-19 Screening Test Kit.

Frequently asked questions about the Foaming Test

What is the Foaming Test?

Foaming test; It is a COVID-19 rapid scanning test kit made in 15 seconds with a urine sample.

Foaming Test Kiti – Hızlı Covid-19 Tarama Testi Nasıl Kullanılır?

It is a special urine test, which is used in the pre-diagnosis and clinical follow-up of diseases with the excretion of substances that should not normally be in the urine, especially #COVID-19, and which is performed with the foaming of the urine and therefore defined as the “foam test“.

You can take a look at our article FOAMING TEST ‘Covid-19 Scanning Test Kit‘ How to Use? which is a video narration about it.

Who Can Use the Foaming Test?

The foaming test can be used to evaluate the course of the disease and treatment in adults, children, the elderly, infants, patients, pregnant women, and COVID-19 patients.

What are the Advantages of the Foaming Test?

It is approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. It is a practical test that can be done in any environment. The result can be obtained within 15 seconds, helping healthy individuals to relieve their concerns about Covid-19. Making the clinical follow-up of individuals who have the disease conveniently and quickly, detecting an abnormal situation in the body of an individual, other than Covid-19, and thus providing early diagnosis and treatment.

Is the Support of a Health Professional Required to Perform the Foaming Test?

The Foaming Test, which will be given by the health institution you have applied to, is very easy to use. It can be easily done without any help by following the instructions in the user manual.

Foaming Test – Covid-19 Screening Test Kit; Does it detect the infection after it reaches the kidney or can it detect it earlier than at the bronchial stage?

The Foam Test kit is a diagnostic kit. The principle of operation is the reaction with the components of urine. The viral load undoubtedly reaches the kidneys after entering the body. Thus, it is possible to detect the infection within the first 3 days after being infected.

How Does the Foaming Test Work?

The reactant contained in the foaming test and specially prepared in the laboratory reacts both with the substances on the surface of the virus and the remains of the virus, as well as with these substances, which are caused by the virus and should not normally be in the urine. The sample in this reactant test tube gives results by foaming with urine.

In Which Situations Can the Covid-19 Test Kit Be Used?

It helps to identify individuals in the incubation period and determine their clinical status, who have some clinical findings but have not yet been clarified whether they have COVID-19. It helps to follow the clinical condition and course (prognosis) of individuals diagnosed with COVID-19. It helps to perform daily clinical follow-up of individuals whose prognosis worsens when their prognosis is good or individuals whose prognosis worsens. It helps to distinguish individuals who have similar complaints but do not have COVID-19. It helps individuals who are negative for COVID-19 but are in the follow-up process, individuals in the quarantine process, who have completed their treatment and are in the process of being followed at home, by learning the clinical status in a practical way, and sharing them with the doctor who follows them, thus helping the doctor to make a quick decision about the treatment process. It helps individuals who are worried about COVID-19, who have to enter a suspicious environment and who are uncomfortable with this situation, to control themselves and thus to apply to health institutions quickly if necessary according to the test result. Apart from COVID-19, it helps individuals who have certain substances in their urine that should not normally be in their urine, to control themselves and to consult a health institution in the early period. It facilitates the work of healthcare professionals in the pre-diagnosis, definitive diagnosis, and clinical follow-up processes they put on patients.

Why does foam form inside the Foaming Test urine tube?

Foaming is directly proportional to the viral load in the body. With less viral load, less foam is formed, and with a higher viral load, more foam is formed. A color scale was created as a result of laboratory studies between patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and healthy people. The level of the foam indicates the level of the disease.

What is the Importance of Registering the Test with PTS?

Due to technical difficulties such as the fact that the kits used in the diagnosis of COVID-19 are newly developed and not tested with a sufficient number of clinical samples, these diagnostic kits can be used with ÜTS in order to protect public health and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic, due to the possibility of having a higher margin of error than the determined safety range. registrations and imports are subject to TITCK’s preliminary permission. In this context; The authority to determine whether the COVID-19 diagnostic kits are effective in the diagnosis of the disease has been given to the General Directorate of Public Health by the TITCK. With the Foaming test kit, studies were carried out on clinical samples of patients with suspected COVID-19. As a result of the evaluation made by the General Directorate of Public Health, it was concluded that the Foaming test kit is suitable to be used as a screening test to evaluate the clinical course in the diagnosis of COVID-19.

How to ensure that the foam test reactant is not counterfeit or illegally reproduced?

Foam test kit; It is a diagnostic kit that has emerged as a result of many scientific studies. Quantitative data show the load of the virus in the body. Ease of use and duration of test results are unlike any other test. The test kit reactant is again based on know-how and cannot be easily copied. İdrardan köpürtülerek sonuç verme yöntemi için de patent başvuruları yapılmıştır.

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